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Benjamin Merkel
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Data Privacy Policy

Who is the data protection officer?

Benjamin Merkel, 81373 München (, see Imprint.

What is the scope of this privacy policy?

This policy is an English translation of the official imprint and privacy policy in German. It holds for all pages and subpages of

Which personal data are collected, stored, and analyzed by the website?

For reading visitors (passive)
For statistical analysis and optimization of visibility, some visitor data are stored and analyzed in anonymized form. Because of the anonymization, no identification of individual users is possible. The anonymized personal data includes the country from which the website is requested, and the referral page or search engine that the visitor brought to this website. You can actively control and suppress these information in your browser as you like. This website does not contain active tracking mechanisms that would collect personal information like name, address, email address or interests.

For commenting visitors (actively interacting)
With the submission of a blog post comment both the comment’s content and the visitor’s IP address as well as the browser (user agent) identifcation are collected and stored. These data are required for reasonable moderation activities and suppression of automated spam and comments with undesirable content. The comment and its metadata are stored permanently except if the comment is deleted manually.
Writing comments is an optional and voluntary interaction with this website.

Which Cookies are stored by this website?

For reading visitors (passive)
This website does not store any cookies in your browser.

For commenting visitors (actively interacting)
During the creation of comments, the visitors can opt-in to saving their name, email address and website in a cookie. Such a cookie is for your convenience so that you do not have to fill in your details again when you leave another comment. These cookies will last for one year and can be deleted by the visitors in their browser.

Which personal data are stored upon contact via email?

If you decide to make contact by email, all of your transferred data (like email address and possibly name, address or phone number) will be stored for processing your request and to allow for future replies. Storing these data happens on basis of GDPR (Art. 6 Abs. 1 b). All data will be restricted or deleted if it is no longer required for contractual or legal reasons.

Which data are stored in server logs?

The website owner has no full technical access to the webserver that creates the log files. The webserver owner decided to collect the following data, which your browser sends automatically: user agent identifier and possibly operating system, referral URL, date and time of the request, name and URL of the requested webpage, response status code and transferred data size, as well as you IP address. Further see Datenschutzerklärung des Webhosters netcup, Abschnitt III.

What are your rights?

You have the right to request a list of all personal data that the website had collected and that the website owner can access, at no cost. You have the right to request corrections of wrong data and deletion of your stored personal data (as long as it does not contradict legal requirements). We will delete all collected data once they are no longer required for their original use.